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Friday 7 November 2014

Jewels Combo - Classic connect three game review

Sometimes I get a really simple game or a remake of a notoriously know game for review. It can turn up to be a great piece and therefore I am not quick to judge. In this case, it is a newest addition to the connect three genre with a classic diamond visuals.

Jewels Combo from Micri-M is exactly what is seems to be. If' you have ever played any of the similar games before, you will immediately know what to do.

Well, it's not that hard to be honest. Simply tap areas where more than three diamonds of the same shape and color line up to remove them from the game. New diamonds will fall from the top to fill the gaps. Get as many points as you can in a short time limit.


So what does this game bring new to the genre? It seems that there is nothing. Apart from the gems there are a few power tiles that can break a whole line or a cross and add time, but that's it. It goes back to basics.

The game visuals are sort of outdated as well. Players used to Candy Crush Saga will certainly feels like this game is a downgrade. There are the necessary sounds and a nice tune playing in the background.


Jewels combo is a remake of a classic game that unfortunately doesn't bring anything new to captivate the players.

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