The main purpose of this website is to support Android indie game developers with tutorials, reviews and promotion of their games. The main difficulty for the developers is not to make the game, but to get exposure. To get it out there. If you find anything useful here, please spread the word. Like my page on Facebook, follow me on Google+ or Twitter. Thank you!

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Game Development Books

This is a list of recommended reading for Android game developers. You will find here books that talk about game development in general and books about different engines.
Feel free to suggest more books! If they are interesting, I will read them, review them and put on the list.

AndEngine development

Learning AndEngine - This is my own book. It is written in the same style as my tutorials with more details. It is meant for complete beginners with a basic Java understanding. It teaches how to make a full doodle-jump style game in AndEngine. You will also learn where to get free resources and how to publish a game to Google Play Store.

AndEngine for Android Game Development Cookbook - Everybody who takes AndEngine game development seriously should read this book. Not only it shows you plenty of useful recipes and hints, but it also gives you an opportunity to study source code of a simple but polished and well written game.

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General Android and game development

Mobile Game Design Essentials - I can highly recommend this book to beginners and people who would like to start making games and just don't know where to start. It is a consice introduction to mobile game industry that explains all the basic terms and essential concepts. It will serve well even to experienced game programmers who feel their games were missing something.

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Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (Big Nerd Ranch Guides) - One of the most popular Android programming books ever. It is very easy to digest for beginners. Its topic is not game programming, but knowing the general app coding helps a lot when making games. The book explains how to create apps and it always explains why certain things must be done in a specific way. Most game programmers underestimate general Android app coding and then get stuck.

The Art of Game Design: A book of lenses - This book covers game design in general, not just for Android. In fact the knowledge is applicable to any game - even board and card games - because it looks at the psychology behind them. The lenses show you better perspective. It's absolutely the best in explaining how to make games fun. Every game developer should have it in their library.

Unity development

Unity Android Game Development by Example Beginner's Guide - If you are a beginner in Android game development and want to learn Unity, pick this book. It covers basics and it will give you four complete games with source codes and all assets to learn from. Perfect for people who don't like theory and prefer hands-on excercises.

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Live wallpapers

Developing Beautiful Android Live Wallpapers (Make Money on Android) - There are not many resources on live wallpaper development, so this little book might come handy. Written by a member of the AndEngine community.