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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Did you buy Learning AndEngine and made a game? Let me know and get free ad here!

My book will teach you everything about Android game programming with AndEngine. It describes the publishing as well. If you have bought the book and want to get some free promotion, here's a deal.

1) Take a picture with you, the book (Kindle is fine, just pick a page with some screenshots I can recognize) and your game, and post it anywhere in social media.

2) Review the book on a website, where did you buy it, or Amazon if you have bought it on Packt website.

3) Send me the link to your photo, link to the review, link to Google Play and a small 125x125px button-banner with your advertisement. Use my email

I will put the ad to the right panel with the link to your game and if there will be more games, I will write an article about submitted entries.

Right now it's a perfect time to publish a game. Christmas is coming and with millions of new Android phones to be sold to new gamers, perfect chance to get your game out there.
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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Killer Ant Empire Game MMO Review - Ever wanted to command an army of ants?

What sounds like a title of a B-movie is actually a nice little MMO game from Umz Games. Umz specializes in multiplayer and such games can be a lot of fun given you get somebody to play with. Because the main focus of the game is on skirmishes between ant colonies, Killer Ant Empire stands and falls on the number of people playing the game.

The single player part is quite simple. Grow your colony by foraging food and killing prey. Some prey is docile and easy to get rid of, some fight back.

There are many different types of food, but they work pretty much the same. After your scouts automatically discover food, send a number of foragers to the food source. The more foragers you have, the faster you can gather the food. There's also a limit of foragers on a single food item.
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Friday, 3 October 2014

Learning AndEngine ebook Giveaway

Learning AndEngine book cover
I have written this tutorial style book for AndEngine beginners and it was published last month. Packt has given me 6 copies for a giveaway contest. The contest ended on 12th October.

All you have to do is fill in your email in the contest form. You can also post about entering the contest on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or your website. In the post, tell me why do you want this book and include this link: It leads to the book page on Packt website. Don't forget to change the visibility of the post to public so I can actually see it.

Please go to the form and submit all required information. The contest will run from 4th October until the end of 12th October. Good luck! Any questions? Just use the comments below!
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Monday, 15 September 2014

Learning AndEngine - New Tutorial Style Book about AndEngine Finally Published

My book about AndEngine has finally been published. If you are interested in getting a copy, you can get one at Packt website or Amazon. The book is really basic. It teaches everything from downloading AndEngine to publishing the game. It covers most of the basic aspects of AndEngine and it does that by slowly developing a doodle-jump style game. The game is available in Google Play store.

While reading the book, you will learn a bit about game design, how to design entities and also which software development pattern to use to make the code more readable. Moving sprites, getting input from user, using physics and playing sounds and music; this all is described as well.
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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Tiny Helicopter Review - Flappy Bird Minus the Frustration

Tiny Helicopter by Micri-M is a simple game that can be categorized as tap-to-fly horizontal scroller. It is very small and starts very fast without any splash screens or menu screens. Right in to the game as you would expect from a simple game like this.

The game itself probably doesn't need any further explanations. But just in case it's the first time you've ever played tap-to-fly game, the rules are very simple. You pilot a tiny helicopter through a horizontally scrolling level full of stalactites and stalagmites. The helicopter flies right on its own and it's up to you to control the vertical movement. You have to tap the screen to propel it upwards, and it falls downwards thanks to gravity. Crashing in to the pillars, floor or ceiling means game over.
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Friday, 22 August 2014

Learning AndEngine - My Book about How to Create a Simple Android Game is Coming Soon!

I have finished the last chapter of my book and half of the chapters are finalized by the publisher. Right now the technical editor is making sure the book looks good and checks for the last mistakes that has been left in the remaining chapters.

It's been a great journey and I am looking forward to holding the book in my hands. According to the contract, I can use a little piece of the material in the book here on this website, so I am going to take a piece of code and post a short tutorial. If you are interested in seeing the piece, let me know! (comments, facebook, twitter, g+).
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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Up N Down - Simple Arcade with Multiplayer

Up 'n' Down by CheersBros looks like an entertaining arcade with neat graphics, funky music and simple fun idea. The added mutliplayer on single device is definitely a plus. So let's see how this one plays...

The game starts with an advertisement, which probably immediately deters some of the potential players and it's a shame, because the game is not bad. Unfortunately at least on my phone the ad takes some time to load. First it interrupts the music and shows a black screen for just about enough time that it almost looks like the game hangs at the beginning.

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Pocket Fishing Review - Turn Your Phone into a Fishing Rod

Pocket Fishing by PageNet throws you right into the middle of the action as soon as the game starts. No delays, just tap the screen and you are sitting in the middle of a lake with a fishing rod ready to cast.

Unless you are going for some special fish in the middle of Amazon rain forest or trying to get a huge sailfish from a speedboat in the middle of the sea, real fishing is a relaxing time where not much is actually happening. Unfortunately this doesn't work well with games in general, so let's see how Pocket Fishing deals with the lack of action.

Most of the fishing sim games are quite complex and offer a plethora of options and settings to compensate the fact that there's not much happening in the game itself. Pocket Fishing has to deal with another caveat and that is the small screen and limited resources of mobile phones.
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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Advanced AndEngine Examples - Render Texture and Fragment Shaders Source Code

In the Advanced AndEngine Examples - Render Texture and Fragment Shaders tutorial I've shown you how to use render texture and shaders to create some cool effects in AndEngine. At first nobody really wanted the source code but now I got a few requests, so here they are.

I should probably create a GitHub repository for all the examples I have created :)

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Monday, 7 July 2014

Learning AndEngine - Step by Step Tutorial to Making Games for Android

You can get a free copy of the ebook! See the next article for more information.

When I was in the middle of writing a step by step tutorial to making games for Android in AndEngine, I was approached by Packt Publishing representative with an offer to write a book.

After an initial exchange of ideas about what the new AndEngine book should be about, we agreed on creating a really basic book that would require only a basic knowledge of Java and guide the readers through all steps starting from installing the required software all the way to publishing a game. This book is called Learning AndEngine and it has been published in September 2014.

My book was the reason why I stopped writing the long tutorial for this website. The game I was trying to make here was a bit too difficult and I was actually glad I can start again. Since I learned from my mistake I believe the example game in the book is very easy to understand and will be a great starting point for people who want to use AndEngine to make games. The writing style is similar to my tutorials, but it's more detailed.

If you have any questions about the book, you can contact me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.
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