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Monday 26 May 2014

2048 by ezStudio Review - A Math Puzzle Game

2048 is another game that established its own sub genre. The newest member of the club is 2048 by ezStudio.

2048 is an easy game to play, but quite difficult to beat. Unless you have been hiding under a rock last three months, you are familiar with the rules. What you might not know its predecessor was 1024 :)

The game is played on a 4x4 field. Two 2s appear randomly. By sweeping up, down, left or right you move all the occupied squares to that direction. If two numbers of the same value collide, the add up. After each swipe another 2 appears. Repeat until you get 2048 or you can't make any more moves. Which happens a lot more often than you think :)
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Monday 12 May 2014

4 Pics 1 Football Player - A Football Trivia Game

4 Pics 1 Football Player by CybernetX is a variant of 4 Pics One Word trivia game for all those football (or soccer if you prefer) fans out there.

The rules of the trivia game are quite straightforward. You are given four visual hints - slightly obfuscated portrait photograph of a famous football player and three others such as the footballer's position in the field, his current league's or club's logo, his home country's flag or something special about the player. Your task is to guess the player's name by choosing the letter from a limited set which makes the job a little bit easier.
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Sunday 11 May 2014

How to Record Screen Video on Android - Part 2 - Recording AVIs using any emulator and Fraps

In the previous part, I was talking about recording simple gifs from Genymotion. In part 2, let's record an AVI using the same technique as is used to capture footage from PC games.

You can use any capture software available that can grab video from OpenGL games. I believe the most popular is Fraps, which is a benchmarking and recording tool. There are also alternatives such as Dxtory from ExKode and probably many others. However all these products have one thing in common. They exist is a free trial version that usually leaves an ugly watermark in the video and/or limit the length of the capture. If you know any free product, let me know.

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Friday 9 May 2014

Ninja Volley 2 Review - Smashing Action!

Ninja Volley 2 by ReixaCode is a 2D volleyball sport simulation game played by ninjas. And the game is even more awesome than it sounds!

The rules are quite simple. Basically it's beach volleyball rules (two players in the field) in different settings. The fact that it is played by ninjas works really well not just beause ninjas are simply cool, but also because they appear and dissapear as needed making the game clear and the ball easier to follow. There are also RPG elements in the game. You need to gain experience to make your team stronger  and make money to buy them better equipment.
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Sunday 4 May 2014

Sony Xperia ZR getting Android 4.4 Kitkat in May

Finally, KitKat is coming to Xperia ZR. It has been confirmed by Sony that the phone is getting the update this month. It still might be delayed based on a region where you are.

Kitkat 4.4 has been optimized for speed and memory consumption. Can't wait!
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Friday 2 May 2014

4th Game Round-up - April 2014

Again, more games were submitted than ever before and I will probably have to hire someone to help me with them (I wish I could!).

I started with three games in a round-up, last month it was four and today I picked total five games that I still keep in my phone and play. There are just too many good games submitted and I feel I should cover more of them.

Here are April's top 5. If your game did not make it and was not even posted on Twitter, please make an account, follow me and mention me and the game in your tweet!
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