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List of Free Resources

Games need pretty graphics, sound effects and music. Here's a list of free resources or assets that you can use for you game.

License information

Be careful with licensing. The fact that something is free doesn't neccessarily mean you can use it in your game. Sometimes, you will be able to use the resources for commercial games, but very often not. Licenses like CC-0 and CC-BY are the best for free use. If something is licensed as CC-NC (or CC-BY-NC etc) or GPL, you are not allowed to make money from it.

Full packs and specialized websites

  • - crowdfunding project, people paid as much as they wanted and as a result, a huge asset pack free for everyone - free sprites, tilesets and backgrounds, free music and sounds.
  • - plethora of linked resources for 2D and 3D games and useful articles. 
  • - website where people share their creations, 2D sprites, textures, sounds, music, ...

Free sprites, tilesets, models and other graphics

Sound effects and music



Blogs, guides and websites to follow

License information: