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Thursday 24 October 2013

Defense Line Review - Hard Core Tower Defense

Defense Line is a classic game of tower defense genre made by Sergey Semenov. It is set in near future and you are fighting both current and futuristic units.The game features very detailed graphics and a plethora of different towers. And this is probably the greatest strength of this game.

Combining different towers here is very challenging but a lot of fun. There are many towers that simply cause damage to enemy units, but there are also towers that cause splash damage, area damage or have special abilities.

 Moreover the basic strategy here is spiced by the need of using towers against both ground and ait units. And air units of course follow straight path to the target. Building both your ground and air defense on the limited space you have available can be tough!

Defense line contains two modes: Campaign and Survival. The former is pretty much a standard progression from one map to another. In survival you play a single map as long as you can. This mode is my favourite. Especial the first level which doesn't have any roads or any limitation for the enemy units - you have to build everything using your towers.

The beginnings are quite easy. But in the upcoming list, I have already seen air units scheduled and started to build my anti-air defense towers.

You can probably tell what kind of pattern am I trying to make here!

My towers held the territory for 44 rounds. These champions are not going to finish me yet, but now I see the flaws in my tactics!

Sometimes the game feels more like playing a real-time strategy such as Command & Conquer than a simple tower defense. The synergy between the towers is extremely important here. The tower options give you so much variety and it is up to you to find your favourite style. There is also a small RPG element in the game - not just upgrading the towers, but gaining levels through experience points in order to improve overall damage etc.


Defense line comes in two editions: free limited edition with two maps and full paid version. It's fun and it lasts many hours. Fans of tower defense genre will definitely enjoy this game!

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