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Monday, 26 May 2014

2048 by ezStudio Review - A Math Puzzle Game

2048 is another game that established its own sub genre. The newest member of the club is 2048 by ezStudio.

2048 is an easy game to play, but quite difficult to beat. Unless you have been hiding under a rock last three months, you are familiar with the rules. What you might not know its predecessor was 1024 :)

The game is played on a 4x4 field. Two 2s appear randomly. By sweeping up, down, left or right you move all the occupied squares to that direction. If two numbers of the same value collide, the add up. After each swipe another 2 appears. Repeat until you get 2048 or you can't make any more moves. Which happens a lot more often than you think :)


ezStudio's version is a very simple and neat with feedback sounds, running even on the ancient Android 2.2. The memory footprint is very small too. The game saves your progress, so nothing is lost if you have to turn the game off and the Android system decides to close it for good. There is also a nice feature to share the final screen directly from the game when you reach the 2048 as a proof to your bragging rights.

It looks a little bit better than the original game author's Android version. It is sharper and clearer. I don't like the original's washed out colors that looks fine in browser but not on my phone's screen.

The only little thing is that the game has an "Exit game" option in the menu that sometimes did not work for me. But who needs "Exit game" on Android anyway...


2048 by ezStudio is a neat clone of the popular puzzle. It's free with no ads. If you haven't find your favourite version for Android, try this one.

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