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Wednesday 8 October 2014

Killer Ant Empire Game MMO Review - Ever wanted to command an army of ants?

What sounds like a title of a B-movie is actually a nice little MMO game from Umz Games. Umz specializes in multiplayer and such games can be a lot of fun given you get somebody to play with. Because the main focus of the game is on skirmishes between ant colonies, Killer Ant Empire stands and falls on the number of people playing the game.

The single player part is quite simple. Grow your colony by foraging food and killing prey. Some prey is docile and easy to get rid of, some fight back.

There are many different types of food, but they work pretty much the same. After your scouts automatically discover food, send a number of foragers to the food source. The more foragers you have, the faster you can gather the food. There's also a limit of foragers on a single food item.


It looks similar to games like Warcraft, where the peon and peasants work on a gatherable resource. There is a limited number of foragers but new ones are being born and you can also buy foragers with the in-game currency.

The fighting works in a similar way. Just tap on the prey and that will send a number of soldiers to attack it. There are also a stronger soldiers you can buy. These soldiers have names to make them more visible on the battlefield.

The Ant colony, ants and the hill can be all customized with colors and different shapes. It all costs the in-game currency, but of course you want to stand out when you will be fighting human opponents.

And this brings us to the main point of the game and that is multiplayer. Right now I didn't have a chance to play against human opponents yet because the game was just recently published. But I can see a great potential there. There are no hidden costs, paid bonuses or begging for energy in this game. Everyone has an equal chance based on how they were playing. Actions in the game take very little time and the interface is simple and clear. The only thing the game needs right now is more players!


Killer Ant Empire is a game with big potential to become a quick to play MMO. It's free with just a little advertisement on screen. Give it a shot and be patient. Hopefully the game will attract more players soon.

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