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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Unity 2D Game Development Review and e-book Giveaway

Unity's popularity is still rising. The active development, new features, the fact it's multiplatform and recently even the increased effort to fix all the bugs and tie the loose ends, this all makes Unity the number one choice for many developers. And the new 2D tools included in the standard package help to bring even more developers who used to work with 2D only engines to Unity. And just in time, Packt released a new book about making 100% 2D games in Unity.

The new book is thinner than other books from Packt on engines and it is also a bit cheaper. It reads well, but it feels too short and it doesn't explain much of the code.

The author used a different narrative than most other technical books. It will certainly appeal to those who prefer a more friendly and less technical approach, but unless you can read the code well, you might not understand everything.

The book is full of illustrations and code examples and at the end of the book, the readers will end up with an almost finished game ready to be shipped. The code examples in the book and the code attached is C# only, but the code is simple and it was easy to understand for me.


The new book about Unity 2D from Packt is easy to read quick guide that will teach you to create a simple and functional 2D game. It is written in a friendly and approachable style but it somewhat lacks important explanations. It's keenly priced right now, so it might be worth the buck. It's available on Packt website and also Amazon as always.

Free e-book giveaway

Thanks to the kind people in Packt I have three copies of the e-book to giveaway (with source codes). Submit your name and email here if you want to enter the contest.

Three lucky winners will be picked randomly on 19th June and Packt representative will send them access to the Packt library. Visit Packt website for more information about the book.

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