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Tuesday 4 February 2014

Mobile Game Design Essentials Review and Free e-Book Giveaway

This book should be the first one you read before you start developing games for mobiles. It will tell you all the general information about mobile games starting from the platforms available, how to assemble a team followed by description of each part of modern games such as graphics, music, sounds, user interface and it ends with the most important part - how to design games to be fun.

The book will also tell you how to monetize your mobile game and it describes different business models. It has as a basic the introduction to mobile market and gamers demographics.

While some parts of the book will age rather quickly in the ever changing mobile games world, rest of the book will be useful in the future as well. If you have worked on a game before, the book can summarize what you already know and fill in any gaps.

There are also parts about implemeting certain concepts in popular engines which I felt could have been skipped. I'd rather see more space given to the theory of making games enjoyable than these technical parts.

You can see more details on the Packt website. The book is available as paperback and e-book if you want to save a few bucks.


I can highly recommend this book to beginners and people who would like to start making games and just don't know where to start. It is a consice introduction to mobile game industry that explains all the basic terms and essential concepts. It will serve well even to experienced game programmers who feel their games were missing something.

Free e-book giveaway

I have three free copies of this e-book. If you want to read it, send me your name and email through this form. Optionally tell me why do you want the book, too. Three emails will be randomly selected from the submissions. The winners' details will be shared with Packt and they will contact them about the book. The contest ends on 9th February. The contest ended.

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