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Thursday, 30 January 2014

1st Game Round-up - January 2014

As promised, this year starts the monthly round-ups of the submitted games. I will only consider games submitted through the form. Recently I am getting a lot of submissions in email, but most of the time those are not even games. I need an assistant to go through all of them :)

In January, 11 games were submitted through the form. Here are the three I consider the most interesting of them.

Tsunami Run - Rory Adventure by ValkA

Rory is a little creature trying to escape a tsunami wave. The game looks very simple from the start, but the first sight is deceiving. You will find the gameplay very smart and not as easy as it seemed. Tsunami Run features cute cartoon graphics and a catchy soundtrack.

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The King of the Throne by Team King Monkey

This game resembles Plants vs. Zombies. But instead of army of plants, you are an elephant with a selection of anti-rat weapons. The game has really beautiful visuals, cute animations and comic book like stories. It's one of those games that just need to be discovered to be successful.

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Space Eon by Grim Genie Game Development

Let me tell you straight, this game has a huge potential. It's a 3D space shooter arcade with online multiplayer. There are not many games like this for Android. The author had a good idea and created a good and original (in Android world) game. The only thing that is not so great are the graphics. Especially the user interface could use some improvements. Hopefully the author will continue updating the game, because it's definitely worth playing!

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Three different games were selected for the round-up. Which one do you like the best? Feel free to leave a comment! Also I am looking for an icon that could represent the round-up. Any suggestions? It should has the owl in android suit...
Martin Varga is a Czech software developer who likes pygmy owls (hence Kulíš), running, ramen, travelling and living in foreign countries. He is also known as smartus or sm4 on the internet (read as smartass, but there are too many of them). He currently tries to make games in AndEngine like Mr. Dandelion's Adventures and hangs around a lot at the AndEngine forums.