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Saturday 5 April 2014

Golf! (Masters Time) review - A Quiz Game

Golf! (Masters Time) is a quiz game created and published by an indie developer Chris Nowell. It was released just before the Masters tournament starts in April.

The game is a simple quiz where you are supposed to answer ten questions about the Masters golf tournament and its participants. The questions deal with the tournament's history and present.

The questions are challenging for a person with only a basic golf knowledge but getting a perfect score should be easy for golf enthusiasts.

The whole app is pretty basic. There's no music, no sharing of scores, just the ten question. Each question is accompanied by a golf related illustration.

The game is created in AppsGeyser which is a quite interesting service that converts web content into an app. It also has plenty of useful templates to create apps. If you have a good content and you don't know much about programming, you might find AppsGeyser useful.


Golf! (Masters Time) is free without any ads, coming just in time before the Masters gold tournament 2014 starts in... that's actually one of the questions ;) Try it for free.

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