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Saturday 28 September 2013

FIFA 14 review - Future of Mobile Gaming?

If you have ever doubted that the future of gaming is mobile, another argument was just released to Google Play store (and Apple App Store too).

FIFA video games series started in 1993 and since then EA is releasing a new version every year. If footbal (or soccer if you wish) is one of the most popluar sports of the planet, FIFA from EA is equally popular among the video games - it's one of the best selling titles out there and sells every year.

I was never a big fan of sport games, unless it's something really special, but when I saw the screenshots from FIFA 14, I just had to try. The visuals are simply stunning. I only played it on my phone's 4.55" screen but it looks awesome. This game gets maximum out of the mobile hardware. And it's not just graphics - the animation looks very realistic too.

I could hardly believe this is just a mobile game and it can be downloaded for free. Of course to play tournaments or leagues, or to become the manager, you have to use in-game purchase to unlock these modes. But even for free this game rocks. It's simply the best looking mobile game, I've ever played.

Downside of this are the hardware requirements - it's not only the best looking but also the most demanding game out there.

But look at the level of detail and you will understand why.

The menu interface of the game is very nice too, makes the best use of the touch screen I've seen so far. The touch controls are a bit inconvenient on harder difficulties, but there's still option to use the classic on screen buttons. Music is great too, EA always licenses contemporary pop/rock music for the game. And traditionally the game contains high quality live commentary.


There are millions of other features like social networking, trading, etc. that I will never use, but they can make the game certainly more interesting. For me the quick games like Games of Week which feature the real matches of the current week (including some of the real events from the games!) are enough and they make this game worth it, despite the humongous download size (1.5GB).

Download from Google Play Store
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