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Sunday 10 November 2013

Fight Fight Zombanite review - Zombies vs. Survivors, new tactical action game!

FFZ is a new game by MojoBox Games that combines action and real-time strategy genres spiced with a little bit of RPG. It's about survival after a zombie apocalypse which sounds like yet-another-zombie game. But FFZ is different and worth playing.

In this game, you start with one survivor. More people will join your group after completing missions. There are many characters in the game and every one of them has a unique ability that can benefit the team in the current mission, or it can prove quite useless. Mixing the right team for the job is one of the things that make this game interesting.

And it's not just the team. Each individual has a basic set of skills and two special upgradeable abilities. Usually both of them are useful and you just have to choose based on your style.

There are resource missions where you gather supplies and there you need less firepower and more speed, defense missions where you need both firepower and mobility and hard-core survival missons where firepower is everything.

As you can see on the left, I wasn't doing very well in the survival. Not even with my awesome rockets... FFZ also offers car driving missions. I find them quite calming after the action in the field!

The gameplay is really good and engaging, the graphics are polished too and overall the game feels like a solid piece of work. Music perfectly adds to the atmosphere of a zombie apocalypse. The only thing I found a bit funny are the sound effects especially in the car driving mission.

I got a chance to play this game before the official release and I haven't finished playing it yet. But I can already say it's definitely worth playing and one of my favourite games I had reviewed. I will post the link to the store as soon as it is released.


MojoBox games are two students of game design who picked game making as their future profession. I think they started very well. Their zombie game is fresh, original and fun to play. Stay tuned for the release!


The game is out now! Get it from Google Play store...

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