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Sunday 30 March 2014

3rd Game Round-up - March 2014

In March Indie game devs were very productive. So many games were submitted that I did not even had a chance to play all of them properly. Partly caused by the fact that I was on holiday :)

I've picked four games that are original, very well polished and fun. I picked three as usual and one special appearance. A game that I would normally not play at all, but a game that is not very well marketed for Android, but made some impact on other platforms.

Tiles - Free Puzzle Adventure by Zero Sleep Games 

Very nice little puzzle that I am going to keep.  Game requires you to connect the Sun tile with the Moon tile by triggering each other tile on the board. Seems easy enough, but makes a really good brain teaser!

Google Play store

Reckless Stunts - Racing Game by epollomes

Does anyone still remember the Elasto Mania? Reckless Stunts is another physics based stunt racing game with a lot of cars and strange vehicles. Some of the vehicles are really a lot of fun, especially the octo-wheel. The game is actually an endless racer with randomly generated terrain and many different stages. Lots of hours of gameplay guaranteed.

Google Play store

Zombie Strokes : Triggered by  Smaat Apps And Technologies Private Limited

This is a very late submission of a game that was released last year. I really like the visuals, but the game itself is too simple - drag the heart around the screen and don't let the zombie hands catch you. However the authors have a great base of another game. Hopefully more zombie games are coming!

Google Play store

Alien Bottle Buccaneer by Utimate Arcade Inc

A multiplatform arcade version of Angry birds that entered the Google Play store and remained completely unnoticed. It's way more popular on iPhones and as a browser game. I wonder why is that because the game is quite good and certainly looks good. Why would it fail on Android so badly? If you have any idea, please comment! This is something all indies can go through and it certainly is not pleasant...

If you want to give this game a shot, download it from Google Play store

Martin Varga is a Czech software developer who likes pygmy owls (hence Kulíš), running, ramen, travelling and living in foreign countries. He is also known as smartus or sm4 on the internet (read as smartass, but there are too many of them). He currently tries to make games in AndEngine like Mr. Dandelion's Adventures and hangs around a lot at the AndEngine forums.