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Friday 14 March 2014

Magnomaze Review - Attractive Labyrinth Puzzle

At first sight Magnomaze is a simple labyrinth puzzle, but the gameplay is more complicated than it seems. LUEXA, the studio behind the game, claims the game improves your senses and cognitive abilities and it surely is a smart puzzle.

The first few levels are relatively easy. You control two balls by tilting the device and the main idea of the game is to collect all sparks to open the gate and then meet the two balls to finish the level. However after few levels traps are added and after few more levels, some of the traps start moving. That's when it gets really hard especially because each level has a countdown...

And these are just the classic levels. The game offers mirrored and hard core mode as well and those two modes will push your brain even further. You have to pass first five levels of each mode to unlock the more advanced one. In the mirrored mode, the red ball's left and right is switched. And in the hard core, both left-right and up-down are switched.

I takes a lot of effort to keep your brain focused and switch between controlling the right and left ball while rotating the controls in your mind, paying attention to all the traps and keeping an eye on the timer. Now that's what I call challenging!

The game has simple but aesthetically pleasing graphics. The music is non-intrusive and fits the whole game very well. One thing I was missing a bit is accelerometer calibration, but otherwise the controls are very precise. The game is free, supported by ads, but they are displayed only in the menu and don't interfere with the game at all.


Magnomaze is a solid puzzle game and if you like labyrinth games, you will surely like Magnomaze, too. It has cool graphics and background music and it certainly challenges your brain especially in the advanced modes.

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